Time-Lapse Photography
Time-lapse photography shows progress or change over any period of time in a series of photographs and blended together to create an illusion of time passing quickly.
The time between each photograph, known as the 'interval', is different for different types of project and can range from 0.5 of a second up to 10 minutes intervals.
The cameras can set up at ground level or 8m up on a trailer mast. 
I can photograph short projects and events for just a single day, a few weeks, months or even years.
SD HD, 4K or 6K time lapse footage is available.
Our 6K Camera Features are: stunning 220° panoramas of 7360 × 2650
Self-sufficient with Solar panel, battery and Fully weatherproof
Using either local WIFI, or 4G sim card, you can remotely check the footage is being uploaded to the dedicated server and web portal at any time.
Get in touch with your time lapse needs.